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Advantages Of Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester


The closed flash point tester is designed and produced in accordance with standards such as GB/T261-2008, GB/T21615-2008, ASTM D93 and EU REACH regulations. It is a new Automatic Diesel Flash Point Analyzer for measuring the closed flash point of petroleum products.

Automatic Diesel Flash Point Analyzer can realize the multi-furnace function of one machine, and can control up to three test furnaces to test three samples on the same operation interface. It has built-in foreign standards such as the United States and the European Union, and the closed flash point tester is suitable for the testing standards of most countries in the world;

closed flash point tester

The closed flash point tester uses a touch screen instead of a keyboard for operation. The large LCD screen displays a human-machine dialogue interface in Chinese. It has unmarked key prompts for input, which is convenient and fast. It has an open, fuzzy control integrated software and a modular structure. It is widely used in electric power and railways. , petroleum, chemical industry, aviation industry and scientific research departments.