• Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer

Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer

  • DFYF
  • Dalian, Liaoning
  • 1 month
  • 200pcs/month
1.Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer has self-programming function, that is, users can modify the database as needed. 2.Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer is a desktop structure with beautiful appearance and easy placement. 3.Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer is equipped with imported motor drive, which has strong power, precise speed and stable performance.

Introduction of engine analyzer:

Engine oil Apparent Viscometer complies with technical specifications such as GB/T6538 and ASTM D5293; it is suitable for testing the low-temperature dynamic viscosity index of engine oil. The engine analyzer can measure the apparent viscosity of oil at temperatures from -35°C to -5°C with an interval of 5°C. Engine Oil Viscometer analyzer has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable performance and simple operation.

Oil Apparent Viscometer

Advantages of Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer:

1. Engine analyzer is controlled through computer connection and Windows operating system, with stable performance and easy operation.

2. The refrigeration part of the engine analyzer uses imported compressors and applies cascade refrigeration technology, which has fast cooling speed, stable performance and long service life.

3. The Engine Oil Viscometer analyzer is calibrated with 12 imported American Kaineng standard oils before leaving the factory to ensure the accuracy of the curve at each point of -35℃~-5℃. The current value and database have been calibrated before leaving the factory.

Automated program of Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer:

   Automatic injection: Put the sample into the container bottle, set the temperature, and click the start button to automatically inject the sample.

   Automatic constant temperature: engine analyzer quickly cools down to the target temperature according to standards and remains constant at this temperature. High precision.

   Automatically detect the rotation speed: start rotating for 60 seconds after constant temperature, and detect the rotation speed in real time.

   Automatic calculation: After the experiment, the viscosity value is calculated by the engine analyzer internal program.

   Automatic temperature rise to save data: After the experiment, the temperature of the stator and rotor of the Engine Oil Viscometer analyzer quickly rises to facilitate the next test.

   Automatic cleaning: Oil Apparent Viscometer is equipped with a waste liquid bottle, which is automatically cleaned after the experiment.

Parameters of Engine Oil Apparent Viscometer:

Current:220V±10% 50Hz
Input power:<2.5kw
Temperature control range:-60℃~35℃
Stator temperature control accuracy:0.02℃
Cold bath temperature control accuracy:9.1℃
Viscosity range:1500~27000mPa

engine analyzer

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Engine Oil Viscometer analyzer


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