• Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester

Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester

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1. The Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester is reasonable, the shape is small and exquisite, and it is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to place. 2. The Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Testeradopts imported temperature sensor, which can detect the temperature accurately. 3. The Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester has a self-diagnosis function, and it will automatically prompt if there is a fault.

The introduction of Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester

Executive standard: GB/T261 ASTM D93.

The closed flash point tester is designed and manufactured according to the GB/T261 ASTM D93 test method. The closed up flash point tester is suitable for measuring the flash fire of the mixed gas formed when the petroleum product vapor contacts the surrounding air and flame when the petroleum product is heated in a closed oil cup. It is the ignition temperature of the petroleum product, that is, the closed cup flash point of the petroleum product. 

Automatic Diesel Flash Point Analyzer is a specialized laboratory instrument, the Diesel Flash Point Analyzer is used to determine the flash point of flammable and combustible liquids. Flash point is the lowest temperature at which a substance's vapors can ignite when exposed to an open flame or other source of ignition under specified test conditions. This information is important for safety, transportation and regulatory compliance, especially in industries involving hazardous materials, including petroleum, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

closed flash point tester

The advantage of closed flash point tester:

Automatic flash point tester adopts 7-inch color LCD screen, and the touch screen operation is convenient and quick. And the application of the latest single-chip microcomputer technology, high degree of automation, easy to operate. The operator only needs to set the expected flash point temperature, and the Automatic flash point tester will automatically heat up, automatically ignite, automatically detect the flash point and give a daily alarm in strict accordance with the heating rate required by the standard to inform that the flash point has been detected. The instrument is safe and reliable to use , It completely saves the trouble of manual operation and the human error introduced by it, and is the best choice to replace manual instruments.

The flash point of a liquid is a critical parameter as it provides information about its potential fire hazard. Different regulations and safety standards may require specific flash point measurements for the transportation and handling of hazardous materials. The closed flash point tester is used in various industries such as petroleum, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to ensure compliance with safety regulations and to evaluate the suitability of materials for specific applications with the Automatic Diesel Flash Point Analyzer.

closed up flash point tester

This Automatic flash point tester uses a closed system during testing, the Diesel Flash Point Analyzer is particularly suitable for testing flammable and explosive liquids.

The Diesel Flash Point Analyzer provides highly accurate measurements, allowing users to accurately determine the flash point of a liquid. This is critical to ensure safety and compliance, especially when handling hazardous materials.

This Automatic flash point tester is automated and includes temperature control and data logging functions.

closed flash point testers can usually complete testing faster. This increases efficiency and reduces laboratory work time.

Parameters of Automatic Closed Up Flash Point Tester

Power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz
Heating power:500W
Heating rate:Rapid heating in the early stage and uniform heating in the later stage of 2~°C/min
Flash point range:40~370°C
Stirring speed:105r/min
Repeatability:≤ 2°C
Number of experiments:1
Sweep temperature interval:1 °C
Flash point display:LCD display, touch screen buttons
Safety device:In case of failure, the instrument will automatically stop heating and give an alarm.
Heater:Band heater
Cooling method:Forced air cooling

About us

Dalian Analytical Instrument Factory is a professional factory producing analytical instruments for petroleum products. With nearly 40 years of rich production experience, it has various complete sets of production equipment, testing equipment and strong technical force. Closed flash point tester provides more than 100 varieties and specifications of various petroleum analysis instruments and general-purpose instruments for the majority of users.

Dalian Analytical Instrument Factory passed the IS09001 (2000) quality management system certification in 2002. It has reliable quality assurance in the design, production and service of high-temperature and low-temperature instruments for petroleum (such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, etc.) and general constant temperature instruments for laboratories.

Automatic flash point tester


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