• Micro- Moisture Meter

Micro- Moisture Meter

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1. Microcomputer full control, automatic end point discrimination, automatic data display, high sensitivity and good repeatability! 2. Micro-Moisture Meter uses the original point method to indicate the end point, which greatly reduces noise and stabilizes the baseline, making the results more accurate and more sensitive. 3. Micro-Moisture Meter uses odorless and tasteless Karl Fischer reagent instead of toxic pyridine Karl Fischer reagent to ensure the health of operators.

The introduction of Micro Moisture Analyzer:

Executive standard:SH/T 0246 SH/T 0255 GB/T 260 GB/T11133

The Micro- moisture Meter is also called the Karl Fischer moisture analyzer. The Karl Fischer coulometric method is used to accurately measure the trace moisture content in the sample. It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and solar panel cutting fluid and other fields. Comply with GB/T7600 standard. , which is mainly used in the detection of samples with low moisture content. The same category includes moisture analyzers, moisture meters, moisture meters, moisture detectors, moisture meters, and moisture analyzers.

Micro Moisture Analyzer

Titration method of Ultra-Sensitive Water Content Tester titrant:

The titrant is produced by electrolysis, no calibration of the titration solution is required. The titration is completed in a sealed case, not affected by ambient temperature and weather. Moisture Content Analysis uses micro-current to control the end point, and high-current to complete the titration of high-content products, shortening the observation time of various samples to 2 minutes. The Precision Moisture Measurement Device is compared with the general coulometric moisture meter on the market. The machine uses a special sand core instead of the ion membrane, eliminating the need to replace the ion membrane.

The advantage of Moisture Content Analysis:

Micro Moisture Analyzer is an instrument used to measure minute amounts of moisture in substances. Ultra-Sensitive Water Content Tester has many advantages across multiple industries and applications,

Moisture Content Analysis provides highly accurate measurement capabilities.

The Precision Moisture Measurement Device can usually complete moisture measurements quickly, saving time and efficiency, and the Micro Moisture Analyzer is suitable for production and laboratory environments.

Ultra-Sensitive Water Content Tester is a generally non-destructive testing method that does not require damaging or destroying the sample.

Moisture Content Analysis does not require the use of harmful reagents or chemicals, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Precision Moisture Measurement Device is used during the production process to ensure consistency of product quality and specifications.

By detecting and controlling moisture levels with the Micro Moisture Analyzer, companies can reduce product losses, improve product quality, and reduce production costs.

Parameters of Precision Moisture Measurement Device:

Determination method:Karl Fischer method
Electrolysis current:maximum 400mA
Measuring range:3 micrograms to 100 milligrams (water)
Instrument resolution:0.1 μg
Titration speed:2mg/min (maximum)

3 micrograms of water ± 20%,

10 micrograms of water ± 10%, 

100 micrograms of water ± 1%,

above 100 micrograms of water ± 0.5% (excluding sampling error)

Instrument sensitivity:0.01ug

Ultra-Sensitive Water Content Tester

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Moisture Content Analysis


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