• Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester

Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester

  • DFYF
  • Dalian, Liaoning
  • 1 month
  • 200pcs/month
1. The Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester bracket moves at two speeds: coarse movement and micro movement. 2. Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester has a leveling mechanism to facilitate adjusting the instrument platform to a horizontal surface. 3. Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester The falling time of the vertebral body is controlled by an electromagnet, which is accurate and reliable.

Introduction of Grease Tester:

Grease Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard GB/T269 "Measurement of Cone Penetration of Grease and Petroleum Grease". High quality Grease Tester is suitable for measuring the cone penetration of various greases and petroleum greases.

Grease Tester

Advantages of Lubricating Grease Cone Penetration Tester:

1. The high quality Grease Tester consists of a host machine and a full-size grease worker and is equipped with a time control device and a digital cone penetration meter.

2. The time control device adopts digital display. The digital display cone penetration meter is easy to use and accurate. The maximum measurable cone penetration value is not less than 620. The Grease Tester can adapt to various experimental requirements.

3. The entire Cone Penetration Tester has beautiful appearance, reliable operation and easy operation.

Parameters of high quality Grease Tester:

Power supply:AC220V 50Hz
Timing range:0.01~99.99S
Delay control accuracy:≤0.3%±0.05S

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Cone Penetration Tester

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high quality Grease Tester


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