• Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester

Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester

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1.Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester temperature control meter has accurate temperature control. 2.Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester can be inserted into two measuring cylinders at the same time. 3.Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester has a reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.

Introduction of Petroleum synthetic fluid tester:

The petroleum performance tester complies with the national standard GB/T 7305 ASTM D1402. The Petroleum synthetic fluid tester is suitable for measuring the water separability of petroleum and synthetic liquids.

Advantages of Petroleum Synthetic Fluid Anti-emulsification Performance Tester:

1. This Petroleum synthetic fluid tester consists of a water bath, a sample stirring device, a measuring cylinder clamping seat, a temperature control device, a lighting device, a timing alarm device, etc.

2. The water bath temperature of the petroleum performance tester is controlled by a digital temperature control meter, which has accurate temperature control and intuitive display. Easy to operate (see the instruction manual of the temperature control meter for detailed operating steps).

3. Two measuring cylinders can be inserted into the anti-emulsification performance tester water bath at the same time. The sample stirring device can move up and down. To facilitate adjusting the position of the mixing blade. After adjusting the height, lock the motor bracket of the Petroleum synthetic fluid tester to start the test. The operator can clearly see the changes in the sample throughout the test. The constant bath temperature and intuitive temperature display of the petroleum performance tester ensure that the operator obtains correct test data.

petroleum performance tester

Parameters of Petroleum synthetic fluid tester:

Working power supply:AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz
Heating power:1000W
Temperature control range:(Room temperature~99.9)℃
Temperature control accuracy:±0.1℃
Stirring speed:(1500±15)r/mi

anti-emulsification performance tester

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Petroleum synthetic fluid tester


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