• Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester

Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester

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1. The Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester operates in the same position as the electric oscillation and experiment, reducing the number of adsorption column movements and simplifying the operation process. 2. Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester has a double-layer internal pressure protection valve to ensure that the adsorption column is not damaged. 3. The connecting gas line of Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester adopts quick connector, which is convenient and reliable.

Introduction of Petroleum Hydrocarbon analyzer:

Lab Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon Analyzer is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T11132 and ASTMD1319 "Method for determination of hydrocarbons in liquid petroleum products". Petroleum Hydrocarbon analyzer is suitable for the determination of hydrocarbons in petroleum fractions below 315°C. Its concentration range is applicable to: aromatics from 5% to *** (V/V), olefins from 0.3% to 55% (V/V), and saturated hydrocarbons from 1% to 95% (V/V).

Lab Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Advantages of Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester:

1. The Petroleum Hydrocarbon analyzer adopts an anti-UV radiation lamp house, an integrated adjustable oscillator, imported precision adsorption columns, fluorescent indicators and silica gel, and magnetic verniers, making it easy to use.

2. The markings on the separation layer of the Lab Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon Analyzer use an external cursor pointer, which is accurate and convenient, and can effectively protect the operator's hands from injury.

3.Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester is equipped with a cleaning device. After each test, you can use it to clean the adsorption column conveniently and quickly on the instrument without taking off the adsorption column from the instrument.

Structure and Principle of Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester:

The Lab Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon Analyzer adopts an environmentally friendly and safe structure that isolates the operator from the UV lamp to avoid harm to the operator.

Lab Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon Analyzer uses imported static adsorption columns, and the measurement results are accurate and reliable.

The Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester uses a fixed standard shaker to facilitate filling of the adsorption column.

Add 0.75 ml of sample to an adsorption column equipped with active silica gel. A thin layer of silica gel containing a fluorescent dye mixture is installed in the separation section of the adsorption column. When all the samples are adsorbed on the silica gel, add alcohol to desorb the sample to pressurize it and force it down the column. The hydrocarbons are separated into aromatics, alkenes and saturated hydrocarbons according to their adsorption capacity. Fluorescent dyes are also selectively separated together with hydrocarbons, and the interfaces between aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes, and saturated hydrocarbon layers can be seen under ultraviolet light. The volume ratio of each hydrocarbon family is calculated from the length of each layer in the column.

Parameters of Petroleum Hydrocarbon analyzer:

Power supply:AC220V ±10% 50Hz
Pressure reducing valve pressure regulating range:(0~400kPa)
Electric oscillator:Two channels are controlled separately
Flashlight:Length 1220mm, power 40w
UV light source tube:Length 1220mm, wavelength (365±5)nm
Ambient temperature:(5~35)℃

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tester

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Petroleum Hydrocarbon analyzer


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